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  • Tataren

    3.41 usd
  • Tataren

    3.47 usd
  • alaxsawe

    35.5 usd
  • Tataren

    3.1 usd
  • kirilibespalov

    10 usd
  • Tataren

    3.54 usd
  • Tataren

    3 usd
  • Ahmadba955

    200 trx
  • Tataren

    3.6 usd
  • khorm

    10 usd



  • Josejimenez

    100 doge
  • Artu2222

    1 usd
  • Monetka

    2 usd
  • khorm

    1 usd
  • alaxsawe

    3 usd
  • Artu2222

    1 usd
  • Monetka

    2 usd
  • Amard

    1 usd
  • Michele

    2.4 usd
  • Monetka

    2 usd

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BTC Bank


BTC BANK is a leader in the short-term lending market. The main activity of our company is the taking of deposits from individuals, as well as issuing loans secured by USD and cryptocurrency, which undoubtedly opens up great opportunities for a wide range of clients wishing to make a deposit or borrow.
Since launching our company in 2015, we have earned the trust of more than 7,000 investors and borrowers on the global stage.
If you are thinking about increasing your personal funds, or if you need additional funding for your projects, then BTC BANK is your best assistant. Due to the high interest rates and the constant demand for our lending services, we are able to offer every depositor very favorable terms for depositing their personal funds.

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Certificate of Registration in the United Kingdom
№ 13177747

Our activities are confirmed by numerous certificates and other official documents that are available on our platform.

We do business under the jurisdiction of the United Kingdom and have the right to do business in any country.


Income of our users
No transaction fees

Compared to our competitors, we do not charge any additional transaction fees.

Funding Opportunity

Our clients can get a loan secured by cryptocurrency or USD.

Availability in circulation

Our platform is designed in such a way that even an unprepared person can easily increase their capital.

Operational Payouts

You can quickly withdraw your funds to your dollar or cryptocurrency account using our platform.



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